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School Until July?!?!

March 23, 2014   Bob Sickels  

I've had LOADS of questions about what will happen with KAH and the extending the school year. Although, my crystal ball doesn't tell me what MCPS will decide. I can give you all an idea of our response to whatever takes place. Below is a list of plans that should cover all situations. 

* I can assure you that KAH will be open during whatever is happening with the end of school. (Unless of course it snows in June.)

* If we lose that week of camp or some # of days in that week. KAH will refund $$ or let you switch weeks.

* For our regular KAH  parents. You won't see a dramatic change. We will be open. The only changes will be our activities and an accounting change.

* I can assure you that KAH will handle this problem with our usual customer friendly mentality.

* As soon as MCPS makes their decision, I will send out an exact plan of action.


PTA Events and FUNdraisers

February 17, 2014   Bob Sickels  

What we can do for you..

Please keep in mind that KAH wants to be a part of anything and everything taking place in our schools. Science Fairs, Silent Auctions, Fun Fairs, Bingo Nights, Basketball Games, etc.

We are more than happy to provide gift certicates for your silent auctions or to help you figure out how to raise $$ to help your PTA.

You know we have all the FUN COOL Toys:





Giant Lite Brite



If it's FUN, we have it!!

To set up any 

Fun Equipment contact Nick


or Nick@Carnivalday.com

Kindergarten Orientation

February 13, 2014   Bob Sickels  

What it means to you...
For most parents it doesn't mean much... unless
 of course you have a kindergartener. However at most KAH centers we have a few 5th graders leaving and about 20 entering kindergarteners. Which means if you haven't registered for next year... DO IT NOW!! 
Open enrollment for 
non-KAH families opens on March 1st. 
Also for those of you with current kindergartners, at most schools there will be NO SCHOOL for your kindergartener on the orientation dates. We normally plan special trips on those days so your kids will still have care all day. We will have info about those days in early April.
Register NOW for the 2014-2015 School Year 

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